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This app collects its users' personal data.

Data's owner

Lambrate s.r.l - Via San Faustino, 36 (angolo via Trentacoste) 20134 Milano (MI)

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Data Processing

Type of Data collected

Among the Personal Data collected by this Application, either independently or through third parties, there are: Cookies, Usage data, phone number, name and email.

Terms and Place of Data processing

Terms of data processing

The owner takes the appropriate security measures in order to avoid the unauthorized access, disclosure, amendment or destruction of personal data.
The data processing is carried out by means of computer tools, in an organizational way and following principles which are strictly related to the stated purposes. Besides the owner, in certain cases, other actors involved in the organization of the app (administration, commercial, marketing and legal staff) or third party (such as technical services providers, postal carriers, hosting providers, computer companies and communication agencies) could have acccess to the data. Moreover, they may be appointed Responsible for the data processing at the hands of the owner. The updated list of people responsible for the data processing can always be asked to the owner of the data processing.

Legal basis of the data processing

The owner processes personal data related to the user in the case there is one of those conditions:

However, it is always possible to ask the owner to explain the legal basis of each process and to indicate wether the process is based on law, laid down by an agreement or necessary to enter into a contract.


Data are processed within the owner’s operational headquarters and everywhere the parties involved are based. For further information please contact the owner. Personal data may be transferred to a country other than that in which the user is based. For further information related to the place of the data process the user can rely on the section devoted to details on personal data processing.

The user has the right to obtain information regarding the legal basis of the transfer of personal data to countries outside the European Union or to international organizations for public law or to an organization which is joined by more than two countries, such as the UN. Moreover, the user has the right to obtain information regarding security measures taken by the owner to protect personal data.

In the case one the tranfer described above occurs, the user can rely on the specific sections of this document or ask information to the owner via his email address (you can find it on the top of the document).

Data retention period

Data are processed and retained during the period of time that is necessary for the purposes of their collection.


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