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Massophysiotherapy and physiotherapy

Physiotherapy and Massophysiotherapy services are in high demand at Polispecialistico Lambrate. We offer prevention, treatment and rehabilitation interventions, in the areas of mobility. We aim to offer patients, limited by functional disability caused due to the natural process of aging, traumatic injuries or pathological diseases services to improve their mobility and thereby their quality of life.

At our centre the physiotherapist works on the recommendation of a doctor in order to prevent, recover, maintain or improve the psycho-physical well-being of the patient through manual therapies such as therapeutic massages, muscle recovery, postural gymnastics or through instrumental therapies such as tecar, tens, ionophoresis. The most suitable path for each patient will be evaluated based on the pathology and age of the individual in order to obtain an optimal result.

With our Milan physiotherapy service, we treat:

ORTHOPEDIC DYSMORPHISMS: flat foot, varus or valgus knee, scoliosis

EDEMIS: situations of accumulation of fluids in the interstitial tissue that cause problems with the lymphatic system and circulation (lymphedema, phlebedema, lipoedema, cellulite)

NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES: that affect the ability to move and balance (hemiparesis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis etc).

RHEUMATIC PATHOLOGIES: such as arthrosis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue disease, polymyalgia

TRAUMA: post-operative, strains, sprains, bruises, tendinopathies, low back pain, lobosciatalgia, neck pain, shoulder pain pathologies and other disorders

Active conventions

Open Fund of Supplementary Health Care

Supplementary Healthcare Fund for managers of companies producing goods and services

fondo Nazionale di Assistenza Sanitaria per i lavoratori dell'industria chimica, chimico-farmaceutica, delle fibre chimiche e dei settori abrasivi, lubrificanti e gpl, minerario e coibenti

Healthcare network of reference of the Generali Group for dentistry and rehabilitation

health insurance of the Unipol group

Easy Welfare offers an autonomous health insurance fund, established pursuant to Article 2 of the Decree of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Policies - Sacconi Decree, 2009.

Health insurance of the Assicre Group

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